Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Flirt Binta Linus to earn money by deception

From         :  Binta Linus
Country     :  Dakar Senegal
Email         :
Dated        :  Sat, Apr 13, 2013 at 9:54 PM

Hello Dear,

Good Afternoon!!, dear please find solution help me out of this situation here in the refugee camp even to join you over to your country cos after writing this mail to you now i don't know my condition in the next hours cos sickness is the most painful sorrow which i am tried to endure it,Please if like me to come over to your country before the transfer i will appreciate it or you can send me your information so i can write nomination letter to the bank where the money deposited as my foreign beneficiary trustee partner,honey you should know that is the people you help will carry your name around the whole world at large and also remember that if you didn't help me at this moment i need your help, time shall come when you will regret why not help me as less privileged is at your door for your so dedicated service,i will send you the bank information in my next mail for you to contact the bank for the possibilities of transferring the money into your account in your country.

Also i try to claim this deposit but the bank insist that i should present a foreign partner to stand on my behalf as my foreign beneficiary trustee partner,also i don't want the people of this country to know about the transaction as the law of this country did not privileged a refugee to make any thing been it money,we are very much here about 9000 people living in the same camp and reverend don't know whom to help,this is my reason i need your help,I sent you my refugee certificate and one mine photo

Honey if i have international passport i can come over to your country cos i will be free  from the camp but i don't have passport at the moment and i agree to marry you forever and ever but i would like you to understand my life is at the danger here in this camp also,please i would like you to send me your full information so i can write a nomination letter to the bank for transferring of the money into your account,the transfer will not take much time only to present you to the bank in London as foreign trustee partner.

honey i don't have phone of my own i am making use of reverend father telephone number +221-77-137-8724 you can call him and ask him the best time to call and speak with me.
take good care of yourself for me and remain bless

yours babe in love


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