Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Scammer Tatyana from Russia

From       :  Tatyana
Country   :  Russia
Dated      :  Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 11:35 AM
Email       :  tettbulkk@yahoo.com

Hello my dearest prince!
How are you? How is your mood? Everything is well here and soon I am going to Moscow.
Are you waiting for me? =) I have searched for information how soon I can get a visa to you.
If I do everything is right and I have a good fortune, so in 1 or 1.5 weeks I will be able to fly to you.
By the way, can you write me the full address where you will be at that time and what is your full name?
Tomorrow I will come to Moscow and write you from there. I will come by train.
My carriage will have tv, so my trip will be not so boring.
And i will have more time to think of our meeting and what to present you.
Maybe you have some wishes what you would love to have from Russia?
Ok my dear prince, I have to pack my clothes in luggage and then go to the train station.
I hope to see your email when I come to Moscow.
I miss you and kiss,
Your Tatyana


From      :  Tatyana
Country  :  Russia
Dated     :  Sun, Apr 1, 2012 at 11:53 AM
Email      :   tettbulkk@yahoo.com

Hello my dearest Prince!
How are you? I am ok. I have come to Moscow.
The train had some delay, but it's ok.
My friend has met me at the station and now I will write you from her place. By the way she asked me to tell you hello.
Tomorrow morning I'll give all necessary documents for visa registration.
I'll write everything in detail about the process of my visa. But my friend said that it is very easy to get a tourist visa.
Honey please write me the actual phone number and time when I can call you.
I will call you closer to time of getting a visa and my flight to you.
Well, my prince, I did not rest after my trip to Moscow and now I want to go into the bath and then sleep.
I'll think of you and our meeting and pray that we will meet very soon.
Miss and kiss you!
Your Princess Tatyana.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Letter Scammer of Kristina

From        :  Kristina
Country    :  Russia
Dated       :  Fri, Oct 5, 2012
Email        :  kristina86bell@yahoo.com

 This is the last letter (8) of Kristina as I do not want to send money to him because I know that this is a fraud and he's not a real woman, and we do not know he's a man or a woman because it uses a website with an autoresponder mailing it automatic, I infer this because every question I gave never get an answer.
Keep in mind that any friendship with someone via social networking websites or if in asking send money, it is a Scammer. Do not do to send money.

My lovely Joko

You know, i'm so glad to see your letter,
i don't want to lose you, i'm glad that you have written. I'm so happy.
You are in my heart forever, and i want you but I'm so upset by this problem i have.
Now i'll try to explain it to you.
The different countries, different languages, different traditions and laws,
Whether I do not know will you understand me, It's hard to find a right words
to explain that kind of situation. In addition there is not enough time, my flight will departure  soon.
But first, this problem i have must be solved or i'll lose everything. There is a lack of time and
that makes this problem harder for me to solve. Here are the problem - It appears that i have an unpaid utility bill.
It consist of gas, electricity, water and other utilities costs. And according to our country laws, i can't leave this
country until i pay this bills. I don't know are laws regarding such situations similar in your country, are they?
Nevertheless i have a debt for two months and it makes 290 Euro. I had a free 100 Euros that i decided to save for a road
expenses so i paid them to decrease my debt but still i need to find 190 Euros.
If i'll not be able to pay this bill fully i wouldn't be permitted to flight. I feel so stupid, but i really didn't know about
this laws statement, it was enacted recently. So, after i was told about my utility debt i tried to find money, but i have no friends or
acquaintances here in Moscow. Also i tried to ask some money from this governmental program, but i've been told that they
will pay all my expenses, but not my debts. So this leads me where i am, i can't find money here, tried this and this but no use.
This makes me so depressed. Joko you are my only hope now! I promise, i'll return this money to you as i arrive, as soon
as i get my 12000 from embassy, all i need is to pay this bill and get to you. There is 190 euros left to pay this bill fully
and the problem will be solved so we can be together at last. And we will make our dream fulfill! You are in my heart and
i want you, i want to make love with you!
It's necessary to hurry up, there is not much time left, i need to pay this 190 euros as soon as it possible, the faster the
better. I'm so sorry to let that happen i hope you'll forgive me! And there is no time to explain all specifically. But
nevertheless a small pause for a small kiss, my sexy Joko!!!!!I'll tell you how this happened and how my other adventures
passed when we'll meet face to face and we will laugh on this. There is no need in superfluous questions. So, i simply
ask you to help as soon as possible . I am afraid to lose you so much. I will wait for your answer, you are my only hope at
this time. And i hope you'll help me. I'm ready to send you an information for Western Union transaction so you could send money.
Once again, it's so pity that i have to ask for your help, but without it i wouldn't be able to arrive, so i hope for you help.
I'll return this cash when we'll meet. I believe that you'll not leave me in this situation alone, i learn it from your letters,
i know you and i think that you are a real, reliable man.
You such a remarkable and kind person and i want you so much! I want to feel your hard and strong cock in my pussy and my ass,
i want to suck your cock deep and want all of your juice inside my body. I didn't had a chance
to masturbate this days so i become wet only from one thought about sex with you! I want you in my live and my bed. You became
so important to me and i know you'll understand the value of having someone like me in your life, a person that loves you this
way, like i love you!!! I'm appreciating every single part of you and i don't want to lose you! I hope your able to understand
my situation correctly and keep thinking only good things about me. I need your support and understanding now and the most
important and valuable thing that i need to see now are your intentions to help me in this hard hour. This is the last border between
us and we'll be together so soon, face to face so we could do the most beautiful things, experience the most gentle feelings,
feel the strongest desire. I want it so badly and i hope you to!!!
I'm waiting for your letter with a big hope, please answer as soon as possible, time is not on our side.

Many hot kisses for you Joko! Forever Yours Kristina

Letter Scammer from Kristina

From         :  Kristina
Country     :  Russia
Dated        :  Thu, Oct 4, 2012
Email         :  kristina86bell@yahoo.com

I'm so sorry Joko

I am so glad to see your letter and your kind words, thank you!!!
I think we should stop our dialogue, this is difficult and painful decision for me.
I do not want to lose you, you became my very soul, but I'm simply do not see
other ways. I'm in Moscow now and writing you from the Internet cafe,
I reached the Moscow easy. But I have problem, a small problem , however if i'll not solve it somehow I would not be
able to arrive to you.
It concerns about a small amount of money and it is a shame for me to ask money from you. I wont be asking your money
so consequently decide to stop our dialogue before you think incorrectly of me.
Joko I tried to solve this myself, but I failed. I think you'll not be able to help me either.
For this reason I think we should stop our dialogue. You will not be able to help me, you'll ignore my explanations and
start speaking bad words about me, accusing me and bring me a pain by your mistrust.
I don't want to hear shouting and accusing from the person that is so important to me, the person i have a feelings to.
It'll brake my heart! I'm so confused now, i'm so afraid to lose you Joko, it drives me mad!
I don't know what to do, I'm so upset, i'm so unfortunate person, life just wont stop beating me i guess.
You are a kind person and this common dreams we had made me feel so happy that i never was. Is this love that i feel to
you!? I thought that everything could worked out. I get used to you so strongly that i cant imagine any future without you
near by. I like to meet you in reality so insistently and it should give us a new perspectives in our relationships. Its
not just sex with you i want so badly, i want all of you Joko!!
Now everything became so fragile, and i'm depressed. I'm such a stupid girl, thought that everything will be better at last!((
I will wait for your answer.
Your silly Kristina

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Scammer Oksana from Russia

From        :   Oksana
Country    :   Russia
Dated       :   3 Oktober 2012
Email        :   kseniapian@yahoo.com

Hi my friend Joko,
I like ours with you dialogue. I wait your letters every day! Thanks that you find time for me. I feel your attention,
and it is final pleasantly for me. Please, do not leave my questions without the answer. I try to answer all your questions
also... How there passes your day? Today I have woken up in 6:00 in the morning. Every morning I begin with jog. I do not
have time to visit an exercise room, therefore I carry out house physical exercises. Sometimes I visit pool. Now I again
on work. I have some work today. Joko, near to your house there is a beach? In the summer I very much like to visit a
beach. In my city river Arkadak (from here and the name of my city) proceeds. I am assured, that in your country the beach
is the favorite vacation spot, many tourists. I have hobby, I very strongly like to prepare, I have a big collection of
culinary recipes. Since the childhood, I spent much time on kitchen together with my mum. Mum has learnt me to prepare many
various dishes. Often we together with girlfriends gather at my place. I like to surprise girlfriends with new dishes. You
are familiar with a Russian cuisine? In your city there are Russian cuisine restaurants? I live one. My parents live in village,
which near to city Arkadak. In village, it is less developed Infraestructura, therefore I have preferred to live in a city.
I rent apartment. I like apartment which I rent. At me good relations with the mistress of apartment. I often come to my parents.
Mine mum and the daddy already older persons. To my mum 64 years. To my daddy of 66 years. I have a big brother. To my brother
42 years. My brother has own family, and he lives in the city of Tambov. My brother works in Office of Public Prosecutor, it has
a post of the inspector. My brother has a daughter, to it of 14 years. She is my niece. I very much love the family!Joko when
I write you the letter, I would like to tell to you about all. It is a pity, that between us distance. If we lived nearby could
meet in cafe and talk infinitely. I sincerely hope, that you support my dreams. I hope, that sometime ours with you dreams will
be carried out. I will wait your letter, your friend Oksana

Letter Scammer from Kristina

From          :  Kristina
Country      :  Russia
Dated         :  2 Oktober 2012
Email          :  kristina86bell@yahoo.com 

some images from the show because I do not Kristina naked photos and inappropriate for display

Hey my sexy Joko!!!!!

Once again i feel happy getting a letter from you!
You are very hot and sexy, i can sense it thru your letter!
I'm busy now with getting all my stuff packed, my train in Moscow will departing in 4 hour
and i must check all twice, documents and other necessary things...
After all I'm leaving this place not for few days, i leave it on 6 months. So i must keep everything in mind.
My head is overwhelmed with many thoughts and emotions and i'm so glad that we will meet so soon!!!
I will be in Moscow for few days, it is necessary to settle all formalities there and then a plane will
ride me to you)))
I'll contact with you from Moscow. I'll write you a email from any interet club,
It is much cheaper than a call. There is a hard situation with cash for me right now, so i'll write to you.
I'm so excited now, I'm never being outside the Russia and I do not know how this all arranged. What are
your traditions, prices, weather, oh my god....
How much is 12 000 Euro in your the country, will it be enough for living? It's a big money in Russia.
I think this money we could spend together, they are only for my personal expenses. All the rest like living
and food payed by the governmental program. So i hope it'll be enough Joko?
Ah, this stupid habit to count a money you still didn't got, first i need to visit a embassy in your capital
city. As i mentioned i need to visit Hungarian embassy to receive this money and all instructions and a
practice distribution, when all this will be done, i'll fly to your city. That's why i need you to specify
some details for me. Write me precisely a name of your city, administrative area name and the closest airport
to your location. There is one more thought coming up to my mind, why don't i try to earn some extra cash with
a little striptease dancing in your area? What do you think about that and how much can i earn this way there?
Of course, if you against of such idea i'll not do this. You are my only spectator and my dancing is yours,
you'll get a special private show! I'll dance on your lap- its called pip show! I can assure you that you'll
cum even without touching you!
Dear Joko , i don't know is there are opportunity that you meet me at the capital city airport?! It could be a
greater present you can give me, besides i must confess that i'm a little scared being alone in foreign country.
I like to see you as soon as it possible but make me an allowance, i think when you'll see me first time i'll
be a little shy))))))))) I'm curious how do your image our meeting...
Maybe we will start by a having dinner somewhere, then take a little walk and have a nice chat together. And
after that we could learn much more and much close, if you know what i mean! kissses!!!!!))))
Be ready honey, i'm getting closer to you and when i'll catch you you'll get such a pleasure you never had;))))))))))
And do me a favor- do not masturbate till i arrived, i want to have all your cum!
Oh, my girlfriend has come, i must get this letter finished, she promised me to pack my gear and say goodbye
at the station!
I will send you all information regarding my flight when ill arrive at Moscow.
Answer me as soon as you can!
Hundreds of kisses all over your body!!!!!
Your Kristina

p.s. mmm, my lovely, i look at your photos and feeling like falling in love, kisses!))

Letter Scammer from Oksana

From       :  Oksana
Country   :  Russia
Dated      :  2 Oktober 2012
Email       :  kseniapian@yahoo.com

Good afternoon Joko,
It again I! At you good mood? Today my day has begun rather unusually. I have woken up in the morning,
and have thought of you. For me there was surprising it. Earlier every morning I woke up and thought that
I should make within day. However, today all was differently. I have washed, have made coffee, have made to
myself a breakfast from fruit. In parallel I have included the laptop (lap top) to check up mail. I wished
to see your letter. But why that at first has started to read news in the world. I read news about disorders
and a coffee saw. I have taken a great interest in reading of news, and have spilt coffee on the keyboard of
the laptop. It was misfortune for me. You think, what I clumsy? Probably you are right. The laptop Screen
has  gone  out,and I could not read your letter in the morning. Now I am on work, and I your letter... However,
not always I can see your letters on work. My director is strict, and it does not suppose, that employees of
our organisation were engaged in extraneous affairs. Do not worry, I will be cautious, and we can continue to
communicate. Within the next few days I will carry the laptop in repair. Joko, I think, that I should
continue to tell to you about the life. I never was married. I do not have children, but I love children and
children love me! I do not smoke. I drink wine only during a celebration. Bad habits, reduce our life. I not
against the smoking, each person make independently choice. I do not have a lot of free time because I work
much. When I have a free time, I spend him variously. In my city Arkadak it is a lot of entertainments. You
can look at my city Arkadak on the Internet? You know the city of Moscow? Distance from city Arkadak to Moscow
of 691 kilometres. You were in Russia? Russia - the huge country. At Russia very rich history. I will not tell
to you about it now.I work as the manager on sales in a small private civil engineering firm. My work demands
from me gravity, attentiveness, diligence. At me there are these qualities. I like work with documents. Every
day I start to work in 9:00 in the morning. I stop to work in 18:00 in the evening. On Saturday and Sunday I
have a rest. I have a higher education. Joko, what formation at you? My work brings in my the stable good
income. I receive moral satisfaction from the work. I do not live to work. Excuse me for errors in my letters.
I hope, that our dialogue will allow me to improve knowledge of English language. Joko, please, tell to me
about your country. It is interesting to me to learn your life... How you spend every day? In the country you
met people from Russia? I send you the photos which have been made more recently, at us there has already come
autumn. I should continue to work now. Thanks for your attention. I hope, that my letter was not boring for you.

Scammer Oksana from Russia

From         :  Oksana
Country     :  Russia
Dated        :  1 Oktober 2012
Email         :  kseniapian@yahoo.com

Hello Joko,
I have read your letter now. Thanks for your answer. My name Oksana, friends name me Oks or Ksenia so you too can so me to name.
I wish to ask you to be decent. The Internet new type of dialogue for me. Now acquaintance on the Internet popularly in the whole
World. Absolutely not important, what distance separates us. We can communicate here and learn each other. You agree? Please, your
photos have gone to me. It is assured, that at you a beautiful smile. Joko, viewing of your photos will help me to learn better
you and your life. I the first time write the letter to the man... Do not laugh over me. I the sociable girl, but I have got used to
communicate in a reality. I like to see the person of the person at conversation and to see emotions. I hope, that now on your person
a smile, and at you good mood. I wish to tell about myself now. To me 33 years. I was born on October, 12th, 1978. When your birthday?
Though, the difference at our age cannot become a problem for our dialogue. The friendship can unite any age. Joko, I have a higher
education. I work. My work brings in my the good income. My parents are live, but I live one. Already I the adult and independent girl.
Often I see my parents. I respect and I love mum and the daddy. I never was married. I one. Certainly in the past, I had a communication
with the man. My last relations with the man have ended 1,5 year ago. Joko, already at me the grief has ended. Now I have a feeling
of loneliness. Much my friends already have a family. I also dream of a family. I hope, that you have read my letter. Joko, I do not
wish to seem the bore. It is interesting to you to read my letter? Already I know, that you the decent man. Tomorrow I wait your new letter.
Please, write to me in English. I study English language independently, I hope, that I do not suppose many errors. Ah. . I have absolutely
forgotten to tell. I live in Russia. Joko, I am glad, because I have a friend! For you distance a problem? Though you would not pay
attention to distance between us. Oksana.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Letter Scammer 4 Kristina from Russia

From        :  Kristina
Country    :  Russia
Date         :  30 September 2012
Email        :  kristina86bell@yahoo.com

 some images from the show because I do not Kristina naked photos and inappropriate for display.

My dearest Joko!!!

   My sexy friend, i'm so pleased to hear from you again.
How are you? I'm fine here.
Remarkable that all my documents and other stuff are ready and already tomorrow or day after tomorrow i'll be
in Moscow for the practice assignment meeting.
I find it just right now and here i am, writing to you! As always, your letter in my box make me feel heat in
my chest and smile comes up on my face. Its strange, but i feel missing you like we know each other long time ago.
I fell that you are very good and kind person which so easy and pleasantly to talk with)))
        Girlfriends birthday passed smooth but as i predicted it was boring and a little sadly cause you are
not nearby. I'm a lonely girl now and its very difficult you know. I'm young and have a big sexual appetite. Yes,
i got my toys for pulling off the pressure if you know what i mean ;))) I was hesitating writing this to you,
but i know you'll understand me. Its something natural to do i think and its more than necessary in my case.
Woman's body is beautiful and hungry by the nature, so sometimes i must feed mine)) Tell me, do you like to see
me with my little helpers? I can make a special photo with me and my toys just for you!I think our relations
develops fast and in right direction and we should not hide anything from each other.And i must warn you right
now, i'm very passionate girl and i need a lot of sex and love! Wow, sounds kind of pervert, i hope you'll get
it right))))) And you'll have to give it to me when we finally meet and you better be ready cause i'll need all
of you in bed!
        I guess i'm not a simple woman. The matter is that I have no boyfriend here in many reasons.
The first, reason is that am going to leave Russia so there is no sense to look for someone here.
The second, Men in this country  are very conservative and so narrow-minded. For example, i like oral in giving
and taking, i find this sometime even better that conventional sex, especially 69, oh god yes...
I'd like to get a cum on my face, its so exciting and sexy and i don't even tried it, so i want to try this
with you Joko!!! Try this and many more, i have so many fantasies to fulfill! And here, i have no chance to
get what i want, cause i'll be considered as a whore and this is ridiculous! I don't want that sex become monotonous,
 conservative. I want some experiments, passion without fear being unapprehended.
I want to try some poses from Kamasutra or watch some porn together and try to repeat the scenes. So i want
to ask you, how do you feel about oral sex? Can we do that? But don't think that i'm such a dissolute spoiled girl,
i told you about my fantasies only cause i trust you more than anyone else! And i can speak free with you, this
is the first time i feel free to talk like that with the man!!))))) Sex is the most important part of any
relationships, no exception. I know, you feel the same and maybe we were born for each other and can be together
for a long time!!! I want a man that worths for my clean and sincere love.
I'll sent you my photo and will send you more that'll be more nude to keep your tension high ;))
Its a little scary for me to send you my nude photos, you must promise to not show them to anyone else!!!!
My photos are only for you!!! And i hope you still find me attractive and sexy, but not a dissolute.
So, if there is something that confuses you, please tell me that, ok?! I really want you to make some special
photo for me... If you could, send me a shot where you cum on my photo, so i can masturbate and dream about your
cum all over my body and my face...
I like sex and i like you Joko, lets be straight to each other! Now i must finish my letter and go find my toys
cause i'm so excited!!!!!
I hope this letter will brings a smile to your face, heat to your heart and a good hardon;)))))
And i cant wait for your letter!!!!!!!!
Many Hot Kisses and Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Kristina

Letter Roman Scammer Kristina

From         :  Kristina
Country     :  Russia
Date          :  27 September 2012
Email         :  kristina86bell@yahoo.com

Hello my lovely Joko!!!!!

        I'm happy to receive a letter from you! I miss your letters and your words.
And if it happens that i don't find any new letters from you, i open your previous letters and read them again.
I'm very pleased with your attention and its so pity when you have no chance to answer my letter quickly.
So can you, write to me so often as you can? Just take a minute and write me a line or two.
I actually admit that sometimes i'm not answer your letters instantly, and i'm very sorry for that. I ask you
to understand my situation, have not much time left with my work and studying, its exhausting but i take every
free minute to write a letter for you. In addition there is a lot of efforts with my upcoming travel. So the
time become precious like gold and i'm writing a golden letters on a golden blank just for you Joko )))
I  think  that  the  phone  can  spare some time for our dialogue but right now i don't have a phone.
Its still broken and i think i wont buy new one here. As my travel coming up i rather buy a nice cool phone at
your country, and im sure it will be significantly cheaper. It Would be remarkable to hear your voice and to
have a chat about my future travel. But now there is no phone. The most simple way is to keep dialogue thru
email, I hope for your understanding. There is a lot of expenses and things to be done now, so i have no
resources to solve my little phone problem. But i'll try to do my best to get a chance to talk to you by the
phone as soon as possible, i promise!
Remarkably that you share my thoughts and feeling regarding what was written at my previous letters. Someway
i was sure that you'll understand my positions. Sometimes i find myself troubled with expression of my
thoughts via english words, im a swift learner but i'm a realist and i see that there are so much to learn.
At that time i do not know exact dates yet, still many details to make clear, still many process I am engaged
in and they are new for me, that makes me a headache. As soon as i get a precise information i'll inform you
right away.
The main thing still i'll be in your country soon and i'll have a chance to tell you all about this
documentary-paper mess. But you can be sure, i'm waiting for our meeting with big impatience!!!!! I hope so
do you my lovely?? ah?
Its such a shame but i need to make this letter short. Im so tired and almost falling asleep. And i want you
to be in my dreams. Yes, sometimes im dreaming about our future meeting and it makes me so excited.
I'll  have  a long day tomorrow, i need to go to my friends birthday, her name is Lena. Strictly saying i don't
want to be there. It'll be booooooring. There will be a pairs and many of them already married. And couple
of them already have children. You know, its just one more time when i being reminded of how i tired to be
alone. I need a man in my live already and you know what?- There is a bigger sense in our acquaintance than
i thought at the beginning. I don't think this birthday will be fun. Well, maybe if you could accompany me
the things could get much better, i think you usually make a good impression on peoples as you made it on me))
kisses! But this girl is my close friend and i'll be there. It is she who made photos that i sent you. And i
have a little secret to tell you.
When we only began our study at the university, about 5 years ago, we were lovers! We were so young, careless
and full of unrealized tenderness. It did not last to long, about month i guess. It was just an experiment no
one of us was actually a lesbians. And now we are just a friends. Anticipating your request to send you here
photo))- answer no, i told here about you and our future plans and she specially mentioned about keeping her
privacy, i respect that. So, if you want to have some fantasy with me and other woman you'll need to turn your
imagination my sweety)))))) You know, maybe i should not tell you this secret.Anyway i ask you to keep it.
        I'm glad i had time to write you a letter and tell you how i miss you. I'll be waiting for your answer.
I hope letter wasn't some kind of depressed or boring, i just had a hard day.
As sort of my sorry i'm sending you my new photos))) I hope you'll like them and you cant be able to stop
looking at them!
Hundreds of kisses for you!
Your Kristina!

Letter 3 Scammer From Kristina

From         :  Kristina
Country     :  Russia
Date          :  25 September 2012
Email         :  kristina86bell@yahoo.com

Hi my dear Joko!!!!!

        I'm glad to receive a letter from you, it makes me fell up!
It's so easy for me to dialog with you. I see the person in you with whom i would like to continue our communications, learn each other
better and see where it'll lead us to.
I think my last letter was hard for understanding and i must make some notes about my practice trip, and my place in Hungary governmental
education program. I'll try to explain it all to you, hope my far-not-perfect english wouldn't be a problem.)
  You see I live in Russia but my nationality is not Russian.. I began from it is far, so you can have a clear view of the picture.
My nationality called Mari or Maris, Im not sure if i spelled it correctly
in English language. Russians calls us Cheremis or Cheremsha or Cherepa. But we call ourselves Mari.
Ours nationality isn't numerous, its approximately about 600 thousand persons and all are scattered on different regions of Russia and other
countries. The most known representative of ours nationality which you likely know, is Vyacheslav Bykov, the trainer of the Russian national
hockey team. He is Mari too. Mari People are the part of Finno-Ugric national group, among the Hungarians, Finns, Saami, Estonian, Komi and
many other nationalities. I think you can learn more about Finno-Ugric national Group on the Internet.
There is a lot of information about our nation in wikipedia and other thematic resources.You can look if you want, actually it is very
interesting. So, let me move further.
This coalition of nationalities try to help each other to save our cultural legacy. So, by the government of Hungary was created a program
aimed to help Finno-Ugric nationalities that lives in Russia and other countries with unstable socioeconomic status.
So, i made contact thru the internet with the representatives of this program and ask them to consider my application. A few weeks later after
i sent my application they called my university dean and told him that they want the help me with my practice. My status of orphan surly gave
me an advantage in this, also as my good studying discipline, so they find a big prospects in me ))
        Dear Joko, Im about to receive the grant from their funds! Under this program, I already got helped with my tickets and will get
coverage of all expenses on arrival to your country.
When I'll arrive to your country i'll be given 12 000 Euro for my needs and living.
I can spend them the way i consider is necessary, but all this bunch of money i'll receive only when i get to your country capital at the local
Hungarian embassy.
All expenses like livelihood, buying some close, renting a living room, well everything that shall be necessary during my 6 mouth practice will
be covered by this funds. But in the capital of your country I will be only for 2 week. After all formalities will be settled and i'll receive
my money, I can go to any city of your country i like and there my practice will take place and I want to choice your city.
And again everything will be paid by this program. All expenses with flight, travels, residing at your country, food and other stuff.
So, i guess i got my dose of fortune at last! I cant simply believe in this! It's just so strange, after the years of struggle its happened so
simple and so fast, amazing!
Ok Joko, I hope you feel some happy for me, and i'm not completely made you bored with my explanations.
Just wanted to share some of my good mood with you.
I hope that I haven't disappointed you, and you'll not vanish now. Send me a couple lines about what you are thinking. As always i need your
opinion and some good words!))
With this letter I'll send you a map of the basic Finno-Ugric nationalities location so you can check some facts about our nationality.
I will look forward to your letter and hope you'll be quick to answer.
I want to continue our dialogue and hope it will be more than a friendship after all?)
I'm waiting for your letter.
Yours Kristina

Letter 2 Scammer from Kristina

From        :  Kristina
Country    :  Russia
Date         :  23 September 2012
Email        :  kristina86bell@yahoo.com

Hi my friend Joko!

   Can i call you my friend?
I was pleased to get a letter from you, and I'm glad that you want our dialogue to be continued.
Please read this letter very attentively, this is very important letter and i still need to know your opinion.
I am glad that you do not condemn me working as a striptease dancer.
Striptease Dances and striptease - are absolutely different things. I'm not ashamed of what i do.
I had doubts regarding writing about my job in my first letter, cause i prefer not to mention it in talking with
most of the people. But i believe that relationship must be based on honesty, not on lie.
I like dancing and a good music. Well, i have a beautiful body also, so it would be a crime to let this potential
waste ;) It makes me feel cool when someone find my body sexy and have a hardon cause of my curves.))))
It flatters my vanity. At this moments i feel myself desired, i feel like someone needs me.
I hope it'll not shock you, i am a open-mind person and i think that complexes only make a life boring.
But please, don't let yourself think that i am a dissolute person or something! I'm very vulnerable and gentle on
my nature.I am a one-man woman, there is no one at the entire world except the man i love.
        No matter how hard it is i love my live, my living, every single moment of it! But still i keep myself
adequate and stay away from things that could be ashamed of. In fact, god sees us all. And i consider that i do
nothing bad with my dancer employment. Time will come and i'll make a special show for you only and nobody else,
would you like that happen Joko? By the way, my scene mane is SEXY BABY. Do you like it?
   My photos were made by my girlfriend. I had lost most of my photos when my computer crashed,
but still i have some. And once again i ask you to send me your photos reduced and trimmed. I have a slow Internet
connection and getting large photos takes ages. I use Usb Flash Adsl modem. This is something new for Russia so
the traffic cost still high and i have to pay for every mb of it and it becomes expensive.
That's why i ask you to resize your photos. As the Internet still expensive for me i cant use skype or facebook or
yahoo messenger so the most acceptable variant for me is a mail exchange.
I sent you new photos and i hope you liked them.I really hope you liked them, and its important for me to know what
impression they made on you. Also I want to see more of your photos, and I hope you will make them.
        I have more expressed and nude photos for you special and i'll send you them with future letters as we
become closer to each other. I like you very much and its cool, because as i sad in previous letter, im hard in
finding new interesting peoples. And seems that i wasn't mistaken in you)) I want to continue our relations and i
want you to know more of me! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
        Well, now more about myself. I am 25 years old, actually everything regarding my look you can see in
photos i sent . I'm an orphan and have no relatives. From infancy i grew in a shelter. It were very difficult
years for me. Recalling my live in a shelter makes me feel horrified! Poverty, famine, constant insults. It's
hurt for me to keep this memories in mind and we shall not speak about that anymore. Well, maybe later, when
we become more familiar to each other, but not now.
        Lets talk about something different, something about the place i live, the way i live. I live in Russian
city called Volgograd. When I had left the shelter by the authorities of state i was given an apartment.
I studied good at the shelter and that gave me an advantage, so i being able to study at the university
free-of-charge! I study in Russian State Trade and Economic University..
        You probably ask yourself a question- Why i have written it all? I'll graduate from my university in
the next year and now the time is come for final practice that should be carried out in your country where i
must arrive to in the nearest future. All documents are set and ready and i already bought a ticket.
I need to be in your capital in 2 weeks, but still i don't know where exactly should i go after i reach it.
I have told that i must chose any city of your country for my practice where i'll get habitation, meal and
other necessary things. All this will be paid by Hungarian government as i am participating in their governmental
help program. I shall tell you a details in my following letters in case if i missed something. But everything are
ready, i'll be in your country soon. And i wanted to find a friend there where i'm going to and here you are-
i found you! And that's makes me happy!
I'll be in your country for 6 months. I think it'll be wonderful, we will have a chance to chat eye to eye
in reality, cool! We can talk about everything for hours.I like sex! I think its the easiest way to learn the
person you like, intimate condition make us naked with our bodies and souls.
However, im not forcing you to that, so lets it all be natural as it must be when two adult people feel sympathy
to each others ;)
        After my practice is over i'll go back to Russia, to finish my study, but i'm not planing to stay there,
i want to sell my apartment and leave the county. So now i'm thinking, deciding where to.
My apartment rather small, but nevertheless they are mine only and this makes me proud of myself:) I made some
repair, redesign and it looks very nice now, it was not cheap but it's worth it.
As i told you before, i get my money for living by working a striptease dancer, but im not engaged in sex-money
business!!! I'm not planning to trade my body and i despise such girls! Cause i earn my money hard, trying to
build a future for myself and they are just weak dumb sluts.
        Most of the time i spend in the university or at work, there are not much free time, but i really like that.
I love easy running at the mornings, in winter time i usually go to the stadium, to roll on skates. I always do
a gymnastics at the mornings and try to visit a pool each day. I like swimming very much! Swimming is the best
way to get all of your muscles being toned. Do you like to swim? Swimming is cool as long as someone don't start
to make a bubbles trying to convert pool to Jacuzzi)))) I'm joking!))
I'm sorry if i spoiled you appetite if you hadn't your dinner yet)
As you can see i like sport and healthy way of live. What are you thinking about sports?
        Hey Joko wake up)!!!!! I just noticed that letter appears to become to big and you probably fell
asleep while reading it. I better finish my letter. Write me your thoughts regarding what i wrote.
I hope this letter will find you in excellent mood and i hope to receive the answer from you very soon!
Your Kristina. Your SEXY BABY

Letter Scammer From Kristina

From        :  Kristina
Country    :  Russia
Date         :  20 September 2012
Email        :  kristina86bell@yahoo.com 

Hello Joko!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so glad, that you have answered my little letter. I am sorry that i am answering only now, i had very busy days.
I ask you to read it very attentively, it is important for me to know your opinion about what I wrote.
Because under your answers I shall look is there a sense to continue our dialogue farther or not.
Simply, I do not love to be ignored. I try to be sincere with the person i'm communicating with, try to open my soul and it's very
insulting when i got ignorance after all, or suddenly receive callous letters or letter assigned to another girl with different name in it.
It is very obnoxiously and I was hurt many times, so i don't want it's happen again.
But, i ask you don't be frightened either, i'm not malicious person. Do not make any hasty conclusions, read my letter up to the end
and then make your mind.
 I'm actually good and tender on my nature, but life forces me (well, as the most peoples) to be cautious and rough, cause there is a lot
Of deceit and evil around. I really like you very much, and as I understand by receiving your letter you liked me to.
Who knows where our correspondence will lead us to, but I hope at least we will be friends.
I am a student and I study economy at the university. I'll write more about that in my following letter.
Before the beginning of our conversation i want to tell you at once, that i get my money for a living by working a striptease dancer.
And im not thinking that it's something shameful to do. If it contradicts with your morality or ethical principles and your thinking,
before our dialogue will go further, you can save your and my time and stop reading this letter. I love peoples who are not afraid to
be what they are, peoples who are above the critical judgement of the masses, peoples who are not afraid to express their passion.
I am sorry for my english, it's not perfect but i try to make it better every day. I'm using google translator.
   So, i hope you'll forgive me if i miss something you'll ask of me. I am very cheerful character, i like to have fun, i love jokes and peoples
with sense of humor- this is the only way to live in modern russia, smile despite of what's happening around. There is no way you can feel bored with me.
I love peoples that close to me and try to be the best i can for them, so they can be the best they can for me. I hope we have a chance to
become such close peoples, no doubt i have a sympathy toward you. It's a rare thing when i find myself feeling sympathy to other person. I am very legible
in people. But in your case, i fell that something woke up in me. I can't specify it. Simply i liked you, maybe it's something about a subconscious level.
You know how it's happened- sympathy born somewhere deeper than our minds. I think i understand peoples very well, i do not want to brag of, but
it's true. Though i'm still a young woman, but I had a difficult life that forces me become rational and adult-thinking person. So i stopped waiting for a
help and become an independent girl. But i gained a lesion- to appraise every instant of a life, never despond or complain on your destiny.
In fact everything we have are made by our hands- our fate, peoples we have around us, being happy with your family or live alone forgotten.
Don't you agree with me?
   Also I want to discuss one problem at once, there is a lot of cheaters at the internet, i already communicated with some of peoples and
know what to expect.  It's happened sometimes like you try to make a dialogue not with the man but a computer program, so i want to be convinced
that you are real person, and call you by the telephone.
I want to hear your voice and to be convinced that you are real existing man. Write me your telephone number so i can call you.
I'd like to hear your voice very much, but now I have no own phone, it is broken. But as soon as I buy new one I'll call you at once. It'll not take too long.
There is something  more i must tell you, if it's only my intimate photos you are interested in and not in my person- It is better for us all
to stop our communications. Many mans tried to get this photos and it was their only goal.
They told me that they love me, did numerous compliments, promised a lot of money, but only way to get such a photos from me is thru having
a real sympathy and mutual understanding.
And as soon as they understood that they disappeared. It was hurt and insulting for me. Actually I have nothing against such a photos, i even
find it pretty cool! I like being admired by someone i feel sympathy to, it rises and inspires me. But I would not want to being
forced to this. So, i will make this kind of photos for you, but only when i feel ready for this.By the way, i'm looking to get your photos too,
im only asking you to reduce your photos size, so they have normal size, not like 3600*2400px.
Internet is a little slow here so it takes a time to download a big sized photo.
   I hope to see your letter as soon as possible. I'm very interested to hear more about you!!!!!
Tell more about yourself, about the country, city you live in. It is very interesting to me.
Also, im asking you to comment general thoughts in my letter, what you think about all that? It is very important for me.
Do not forget me, write as soon as possible.
Best regards to you!!!!!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Letter Scammer from Tatyana : Hi, my beautiful prince

 From           :  Tatyana
Country        :  Russia
Dated           :  Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 11:21 AM
Email            :  tettbulkk@yahoo.com
She called me to Hi, my beautiful prince

Hi, my beautiful prince))
Honey do you not mind if I call you a prince?
Because it reminds me a little story when two people from different worlds have become acquainted through the mail and now try to meet.
I am so happy that you agreed to meet me. I will prepare all documents and tomorrow I will go to Moscow. I have a good friend there. Several times I had a business trip to Moscow and stayed with her. The hotel is very expensive in Moscow to live. My friend has a good family. She lived in my town. But then she came to study to Moscow and met her future husband. Sometimes she visits her parents and always invites me to visit. So I contacted her and she would be glad to help me.
My prince, I think I will also need some information. I need to know the closest International Airport to you. Maybe I need also other information but I'll find out about this in Moscow. I will make a tourist visa because this is the quickest and easiest way to get a visa.
Okay, I will tell you all details and news later. Now I would like to talk about something else. What are your feelings? How do you feel? I am so excited because this is my first trip abroad. But my heart says me what I'm doing everything right. I have also told my mom about my trip to you. She is very glad for us. My mom always told me to do as my heart feels. She prays that everything would be fine with us.
So what is new there?  How are you? How is your mood?
Well my prince, I'll finish my letter and wait for your reply.
I kiss and miss you!!!
Your reliable friend Tatyana

Letter Scammer Tatyana from Russia

From          :  Tatyana
Country      :  Russia
Dated         :  Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 10:43 AM
Email          :  tettbulkk@yahoo.com

Hello my dear friend!!!
How is your mood? What's new there?
Everything is well here and I have a great mood.
Some businessmen who have taxi business came to our car salon today and we received the order for 38 cars. This is the largest order while I work here and I will receive a good bonus.
I can't wait when I will get my holiday, and tomorrow I urgently will talk with my boss and I will ask to give me a rest immediately. Or soon I will be crazy from my job)) So please wish to me good luck.
By the way, what kind of movies do you like? Who are your favorite actors? Do you like reading books, what kind of books?
I liked the movie Inception with Leonardo Dicaprio. He is the one of my favorite actors.
Also I like comedies. One of last most remembered comedy was The Hangover.
Some friends came to Vegas to celebrate wedding the one of their friend and casually forgot him at roof of hotel. I had a lot of fun when watched that film. Did you watch these movies? What do you think of that?
As for books I like fantasy, classics and history. But mostly I like to read Russian fantasy.
My favorite author is Sergey Tarmashev.
All his books are about future of the earth and it has a few ends. I'm not sure if there is a translation of that into English.
Well what else to write to you... I do not know but after our acquaintance you have became very interesting to me and when I check my emails I always hope to see your new letter. It raises my mood very much.
And when I check emails and I see no any letter from you I am very sad.
Ok, I hope to see your letter soon. Bye!
Your reliable friend from Russia.Tatyana

Dated     :  Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 7:06 PM

 Hello my dearest friend!
How are you? How is your mood?
Everything is great here and I want to share some good news with you.
As I wrote you before today I have talked with my boss about the vacation and I have got that!!!
At the beginning of our conversation she wanted that I would work for some days more
but after 30 minutes of belief that I have explained her I can not work anymore and I would be an angry worker, she agreed.
Honey I am so happy now. I didn’t take the vacation for a long time.
If I want I can take even double vacation. But I will think of that later.
I have got the bonus and my salary. It is about 37 000 Rub or $1300.
Maybe for your country it is not so big money but believe me for Russia it is a very good salary.
I have already handed over all documents and necessary papers to my colleagues and I am now completely free from work.
Today I will buy and watch some brochures to look at which countries I can go. And what documents I should do for that trip.
I have never been abroad and it has been always my little dream.
In the Russian south after the announcement of the Sochi Olympics in 2014, prices rose several times.
And many of my friends who came there, they say that the quality of service there is very low.
That is why I do not want to have a rest in Russia.
Do you like travelling? What countries have you been? Maybe you can advise me something?
Ok my dear friend… I have to go now. I am waiting for your congratulations!!!
Your friend  Tatyana

and many other examples, please visit again

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Scammers Precious Gift from Togo Africa

It is a letter scammer from a woman who came Togo Africa and the birth of the country thinks he's French, her father from Togo and his mother from France, because he would be killed by her boyfriend then she ran off to the country where his father is in Togo Africa, just read the story a woman named Pricious Gift  and some of her images.

From               :  Precious Gift
Country           :  Togo Africa
Dated              :  18 April 2012
Email               :   preciousgiftcliff26@gmail.com

Good morning and many thanks for your mail how are you doing over
there this morning, how is life with you my friend?? Hope you are
doing good and thing is well with you my friend?? My friend I think
introduction about each other is very much important and it will make
us to get to have more idea about each other’s I’m really glad to read
from you right now, I’m Precious Gift Cliff, 26years old and I was
born and brought up in France and I have lived all my life in France.
Believe when planning on going into a relationship it is very much
important to know what kind of person you are wishing and hoping for
to go into relationship with-I join the site to find the right man for
me and ready to marry me and begin a great life together. I am looking
for an honest caring romantic I am seriously seeking a partner, but
not in a hurry, some peoples here are not very serious, they want is
to play.
   You also feel free to ask me whatever you want to know about my
family and I and I will tell you everything in details. I’m loyal,
honest, attractive, realistic, ambitious, conservative, tolerant, self
confident, active, passive, domesticated, friendly, sympathetic, fond
of children, fond of animals, intelligent, believe in life and love as
two entities that comes together as one and I also believe that love
and life are the only reason for our being human and we always have to
make them an inevitable disposition in life.
   I hope that we can correspond further? So I will pretty like you to
tell me if really we can be compactable with each other and I’m really
glad to have you as friend and pleases tell me more about you? Hope to
read from you soon again, have a nice day and take good care of
  Your Friend,
     Precious Gift.


From               :  Precious Gift
Country           :  Togo Africa
Dated              :  19 April 2012
Email               :   preciousgiftcliff26@gmail.com

 The People We Meet On Our Journey Of Life, Are The People That We Are Destined To Meet

 Hello My Friend Joko
     Good morning and many thanks for your lovely mail, how are you
doing over there this morning, how is life with you over there my
friend?? Hope you are doing great and hope every thing is going on
well with you my friend? Over here I’m doing great and every thing is
going on well with me, my friend I hope you will agree this with me,
that the people we meet on our journey of life, are the people that we
are destined to meet?? Yes two are better than one, because they have
a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help
him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!
Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one
keep warm alone? The one may be overpowered, two can defend
      My friend my father and mother are well they are alive and i
have one brother and one sister, we all are alive, my friend for now I
broke up with my boy friend yes because he sheet on me, my friend I
will tell you more about me as we go along ok, I don’t have any boy
friend right now, this is why I’m in dating site. I was born in
Amiens, Amiens is the capital of Picardy and when I was 3 years old my
parent move to Paris, Paris is the capital of lle-de-France. My friend
I came into dating site in searching for true love, yes I’m here in
the site to meet good man and a caring man that know what true meaning
of love is. My friend, I will tell you more about me as we go along
and I will like to know how long you have being in dating site?? And
how many people you have dated from dating site?? And where did they
come from??
     My friend, you are very right, yes pure is not easy to fine, but
if we believe in it then it will come to us, yes my friend I hope you
know that friend are angles that come from above, sent down from God
for you to love and angels of God bring blessings, they bring love,
they bring healings, they bring perfection? My friend, I’m really glad
that I read from you this morning, I will be happy, if I read from you
soon again, have a nice day and a blessed time over there.
   Your Friend,
       Precious Gift

 follow the subsequent letters because there are many more that will be published.

Scammers From Tatyana

From            :  Tatyana
Country        :  K.Marksa street 28a-22, Livny, Oryol Oblast.Russia

Dated           :   26 March 2012

Email            :   tettbulkk@yahoo.com

Hello, how are you there?
Everything is well here. I am so happy that you replied me.
Honey i have some questions for you.
Do you have any hobbies? Do you go in for sport?
I love swimming and fitness. When I was a little girl, my mom and I swam in the lake. It happened so that I could be drowned. Or maybe I'm very scared because I was a child. But that moment I decided that I would learn to swim well and never be drown))
So now I really love swimming. It's good for your health and helps to have a good figure.
Ok, also I wanted to tell you about my city.
It is a small Russian city. The population is here about 50 000 people. People here are very kind and good. Everybody knows each other. There are not a lot of entertainment places here. There are several plants and factories where people work.
Any way my address here is K.Marksa street 28a-22, Livny, Oryol Oblast.
I would be very happy to read about your city. My city is not very interesting and we do not have a lot of sights here. Ok, now I should finish my letter because I have to work.
I am looking for your soonest reply,
Have a good day!
Your friend from Russia,Tatyana

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tatyana change the email scammers and told me about Russia

as information and keep in mind that communication or answer letters dating scammers are just want to know what the purpose and desired real. he somehow replace the previous email with a new email, the email that he thinks there is a problem no longer be able to access, and this is the letter.

This letter was sent on 24 March 2012 :

Hello my dear!
It is Tatyana
I to have problems with my old email tattybulk@yahoo.com
I ask you to write to me on this email.:
I ask you to write to me here.
I wait for yours the answer.


  25 March 2012 with 1 picture :

 Hello my dear friend, how is your day? What's news?
Today is very sunny here. Our company concluded a couple of lucrative contracts and I have a very good mood.
I didn’t take my vacation for last two years and already think about the days off somewhere.
Frankly speaking I didn’t decide where exactly I will have the rest but I am sure it would be wonderful.
I should get my vacation on this week and I feel that I have no wish to work and count the days when it will be.
My boss is my ex classmate. She has helped me to find this job.
We have very good relations. I would love to find out how is life there where you live?
I have never been abroad and I am very interested to know life and culture of your country.
As you know our country had the communist regime and my childhood was not very happy after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
As I wrote you before my mom brought me up alone. When the perestroika began we had the inflation at 10 000.
My mom had a lot of savings but after inflation we were poorer by 100 times and life became difficult.
All her life she worked at a military factory and there was no money in our new country to pay in time and to have a good salary.
So all people in our country lived so, except some swindlers who are oligarchs now and have the top places in Forbs.
Well I do not want to bore you about it ... What kind of dishes do you like? And of what countries?
As for food I love Japanese cuisine: sushi, rolls.
I love to cook myself. There are plenty of Russian national dishes such as borsh, pancakes with cavier, okroshka, solyanka and others. But mostly it is soup. I would love also to find out what kind of women do you like?
I want to find someone who would always protect me, who does not drink every day and appreciate the woman as an individual.
Many Russian men beat often their women and always believe that they are above them. They consider that Russian women are like a slave and must obey any order.
I will never agree with that and hope to find a sincere, reliable man who can share my feelings.
Ok my dear friend, I am closing my letter for now and looking forward to your letter.
Bye for now!
Your friend Tatyana


and this is the reply to my letter dated 26 March 2012

 Hello my dear, today as always good news.
And how are you and your mother?
The weather in Indonesia is now entering a very hot and dry season,
almost every day everywhere demonstrations protesting government plans
to raise the price of gasoline people do not agree with the plan,
especially among people under the (weak economy) because it will
impact the economy, price- The main requirement to increase prices.
have 3 days off work and I spend my time for a vacation and at the
I am very pleased with the woman who loves to cook, loyal,
affectionate, not like cheating, unselfishness, respect and
A good man should protect women, especially if the woman as his wife.
Foods that I love the food in the country gado-gado, ketoprak, satay,
fried foods characteristic of Java, Indonesia, because Indonesia is a
wide range of cultures consisting of thousands of islands each
distinct cultural and linguistic unity, but only one language is
Indonesian . Oh yes if Tatyana had a Facebook account? and like the
business on the internet?
Nice photos of you and you were very pretty, sweet, and I am happy to
see your pictures on the computer and I keep in my heart, my dreams
could you be a woman, do you like it? If we are not far apart may get
to see much, but we still can share stories, though only via email.
Okay to end this letter to convey my greetings to your mom and a
special greeting to miss and miss you always.
Affectionate hugs and kisses from distant friend Joko. Always waited
for the next letter of your email. Ok

If you want to know the next letter scammers, wait for it goes tomorrow

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The first letter of romance scammers from Tatyana

hello my new friend, this is the first title of the email letter dated March 20, 2012 that I received from a woman named Tatyana 28 years old from Russia wants to make friends with me and did not get my email explaining where and I tried to answer his email on a regular basis, and please read more of my  communications with him.

Tatyana (tattybulk@yahoo.com)
hello my new friend    

Hello dear friend!
I'm Tatyana
 I was born on  1982
My dream is to find a man who will love and respect me.
Love and respect is very important for me in relations.
I read information about you. What would you like to see in woman?
What qualities do you have? What kind of woman would you like to see
your second half.?
It's really a wonderful moment as I am writing this letter to you.
I ask you to write me to my email: tattybulk@yahoo.com
I shall be glad to receive emails from you and to know you better.
If you are interested and you have any questions concerning me,
please ask me. I shall answer you with great pleasure.
I wait for your letter with impatience.
Your friend Tatyana


 and reply my letter as follows:

 Hi my new friend how are you?
My name is Joko usual call Jack, I live in xxxxxxxx  and Tatyana
lives in the State where? I am pleased to meet you? What activities
now? Still in school or working? With whom Tatyana lived
I wait for the answer.

From your new friend Joko


and on March 23, 2012 he sent another letter:

 Hello again    

Hello  , how are you today?
I am so glad to see your email today. I hope we will be good friends and maybe even more.
I do not remember if I have written you in my first email or not,
but I live in Russian Federation, in the small city Livny in Oryol Oblast.
I will write you more about my city. It is not a megalopolis and not even the big city to write about fantastic skyscrapers or amazingly
beautiful architectural constructions as in Moscow or St. Petersburg. I'm not very good with computers and sometimes it's a big job for
me to find something on the Internet. I can write very well only email, print out some documents or play solitaire.

I will tell you a little bit about my job. I work in the auto salon. Our company sells Russian cars Lada. Have you heart about that mark something?
I do not think so. Russian people are not so rich to have German, American and other famous car’s marks. That is why our company has a
very good income. I work as a manager. I work with manufacturing production orders for computer and outstanding document. That is why I
have more free time and good salary. Soon I will get holdays and I thnink may be travel and see some good abroad place.
Ok I think it is enough about my job. I would love to tell you about myself.
I was born in 1982, graduated from high school in 1999, and received the diploma (higher education) in 2007. My dad left my mum and I
when I was little, and I never saw him after that. Mama said that he went to another and she does not know what his life is now.
I studied at the Faculty of Economics with an emphasis in English, so now I'm relatively well-know English.But I hope you can understand
what I write. How do you like my English? I had several relationships, but not one of them ended well.
And I now think that all Russian men are almost the same. They can not love and be always with a woman and run for all the skirts are
raised high.
So I decided to try to look for friends and maybe love in the other end of the world, because I am tired of loneliness and selfishness of
others and pretend that I'm really interested for men.
Okay, I think now it will be enough about me, and I will finish my letter.
Please tell me about yourself and your life, and I'll be glad to see your latest pictures.
Once again, greetings to you from the other end of the planet! Bye for now!
Your friend, Tatyana

Tatyana (tattybulk@yahoo.com)


 and reply my letter as follows:

 Tatyana Hello my dear, today I am fine.
I am very happy to get something in return emai quickly and I hope we
will become good friends and share the story even though we are far
from each other but it was close.
Previously I lived in the city as the capital city of central
government a few years ago, a densely populated city and the
congestion of vehicles on the road and now I live in West Java city of
Bogor district of a small town but I am happy. I worked in a printing
and publishing as an Assistant Manager for Printing and fill my free
time Cosmetics Beauty selling online on the internet and now is
studying to be a reliable Internet Marketing.
My father divorced my mother when I was still in the womb, and I met
him 18 years later and to this day still prefer to communicate via
I also want to have friends from other countries and finally met also
with Tatyana beautiful, graceful, smart and good at maintaining
relationships with friends. I like the cigarette and never strong
drink and do not like to change partners for dating.
I apologize because I am not good with the English language with only
a little better. Well hopefully we can become a good friend who is
full of love and affection. I like a good woman, dear, loyal, honest
and kind.
That's what I hope I can convey Tatyana happy to read it.
Greetings from the land across Joko missed.

two letters that my communication with Tatyana and I will continue again in upcoming posts.

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I publish this blog as information or a valuable lesson that we should not be fooled by the seductive lure of beautiful women.

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safe and beneficial read.
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